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Our Breeders - Ratsnakes

Trans-Pecos Ratsnake (Bogertophis subocularis)

Sometimes simply called "Subocs", these are a Ratsnake of the Mexican deserts, found in the US only in west Texas and adjacent New Mexico). One of the most gentle snakes we've ever encountered, we've picked up dozens of these on the roads at night while field-collecting and never had one even consider biting or thrashing. Beautifully clad in a pair of thick black stripes extending from the neck and turning into 'H' shaped blotches at mid-dorsum, on a ground color of pale tan, grayish tan, or even orangish tan. These hatch at a large size and eat readily, making them very well-suited for pets.

Axanthic Trans-Pecos Ratsnake (Bogertophis subocularis)

Homozygous for Axanthism, a recessive mutation. The unique axanthic trait popped up unexpectedly in some Blonde Phase Subocs many years ago, and aficionados promptly began efforts to create normally patterned 'silver' individuals by out-crossing. The results were worth the effort!

Blonde Phase Trans-Pecos Ratsnake (Bogertophis subocularis)

Homozygous for Blonde, a naturally occuring recessive trait. Found only in a very restricted area of the 'Big Bend' region of west Texas. Incredibly rare in the wild, we field collected heavily for these for ten years and found a single road-kill! A recessive mutation which removes the typical black ladder pattern of normal specimens, leaving a pale round-blotched appearance behind. Simply beautiful!

Axanthic Blonde Phase Trans-Pecos Ratsnake (Bogertophis subocularis)

Homozygous for Axanthism and Blonde, two recessive traits. Combining the captive lines of axanthic specimens with the Blonde Phase pattern type results in a rather astonishing appearance! Soft muted blotches of gray-black on pure silver, these snakes look like velvet. As with all Trans-Pecos Ratsnakes, they are incredibly gentle creatures and are wonderful in the hand.

Mandarin Ratsnake (Euprepiophis mandarinus [Elaphe mandarina])

Four foot long lemon yellow and black ratsnakes from China. We always thought these were the prettiest snakes around. We purchased imported specimens by the dozens and lost them all before we finally got some captive bred stock. Once we spent the extra money for captive bred stock, they are easy… Live and learn.