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What does 'quality reptiles' really mean? To many breeders, it simply means selecting the most attractive patterns or colors. While this is important, we believe it is also important to select healthy vigorous animals. There is little point in producing the prettiest specimens if they lack the will to survive or have genetic disorders. At VMS, we use decades of experience to carefully select for the best balance of all traits. Explore our web site and experience the difference!

VMS is proud to offer top quality reptiles at realistic prices, along with some of the most detailed information available today.

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Holiday Shipping Schedule!

Due to the upcoming holidays, we will be altering our regular shipping schedule. Heavy package volume combined with large numbers of temporary emplyees during the holiday period has caused problems in the past. Please note the following changes in our shipping schedule as a result and plan your purchases accordingly:

We will be closed to shipping the weeks of Christmas and New Year's.

The last available shipping date prior to Christmas/New Year's will be: Out Tuesday December 18th for arrival on Wednesday December 19th.

Normal shipping dates will resume on Tuesday January 6th for arrival on Wednesday January 7th.

Locale Specific Corns Wanted!

We are seeking to acquire specimens of Corn Snakes (Pantherophis guttata) collected or descended from known localities. Point of origin of all specimens must be traceable to at least a specific county.

We will pay very fair prices or trade value, and a premium will be given for pairs. Let us know what you might have!

Please note: We are interested in any and all species/subspecies from the guttata complex, such as Kisatchie, Keys, etc., but we cannot accept specimens of emoryi due to Colorado law.

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What's New
  • Resumed production of Mexican Black Kingsnakes and San Luis Potosi Kingsnakes at customer request!
  • New corn morphs expected in 2014 include Kastanies, Mandarins, Bloodred Kastanie Terrazzos, Topaz, Lava Butter and many more!
  • Raising Baby Snakes (informative article in the 'Learning Center')